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New York Nights - Change

New York Nights - Change

DolceOnDaBeat - Change 

My Change Gon Come
My Feelings Numb
See Where I’m From
Need To Get Things Done
What I’ve Become
To Be The Chosen One
Can’t Turn And Run
After What I’ve Begun
While You Praying For Change
I’m Praying For Change
Hoping That Things Wont Stay The Same

Hate How They Speak On My Plans And Speak Name
Overlook On The Man, Point Fingers To Blame Int Showing No Shame Your Words Are In Vain

System’s A Game... Could Never Ever Be Random
So Why Do You Pledge Allegiance? Cuz It’s In The Anthem ?

How Can You Say I Int But I Am The Main One
Have To Maintain When I Said Change Yea It Gon Come
[Verse 2]
Int Had No Money In The Bank When I Was A Banker
Just A Whole Lotta Stink To Mix With Fanta

To Be Gone In A Blink Ghost Like Casper
So Pour Up The Drink And Smoke A Lil Cancer
I Felt The Blade And It Don’t Matter
Turned The Pain Into Laughter
Where I Go From Thereafter
I Don’t Know ... New Chapter
Mama Prayed To The Father
Watch My Son And All His Matters
Father Lead Me To Green Pastures
You The One With All Answers
My Change Gon Come
My Feelings Numb
Get Things Done
For I Know My Change Gon Come
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