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DolceOnDaBeat - No Internet

DolceOnDaBeat - No Internet

No Internet



Released June 27th 2022, "No Internet" is truly a project after my heart, that I take pride in producing to the world. This has been a story developing and one I've been wanting to tell since 2019 and now I'm happy that it's here today and I can finally share that story.

So without any further delays... here we go!!!

The Story

No Internet was started initially in 2019 around November - December, and it was during that time I was like trying to hustle my music, that's by posting on socials, trying to put up posters, doing a couple email blasts... you know "the works" as people would say, which all took place after I returned from New York in June (on my birthday too lol). Since there was no job, I had to find other means to stay and keep active.  

Moving along... I was in a relationship at the time, we were going through a “break up” (if you wanna call it that) during this period and I won't lie... I was in my feelings when it was all playing out, but I quickly realized the reason it was all happening to begin with.

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That "reason" for the break-up was mainly because of social media, I guess you can call it incentive for her to do her own thing outside the relationship, since we're in a time, where a lot of people be so caught up in the social media game, and entertaining others for all the attention and validation. We lose all the authenticity in genuine peer to peer relationships.

However, that situation was the catalyst for the material that formed No Internet. I later went through a phase, where I started to focus on myself, I got the inner-standing to be aware of the thoughts that I have and also to whom I allow in my life to be an influence. 

For what I would say felt like the first time ever...I got a job, I started doing more self reflection and self development on a daily basis and right in the midst of going through those exercises, I tapped into the things that I wanted to pursue and my desires, especially when it came to my sound and how I would be doing my music from that point on. 

It was a crystal clear vision that I wanted my music to truly reflect my vibe and aura, and what I’m really about or going through with no falsehoods.

So in retrospect, from the moment I decided to incorporate my true self in the music (or at least who I thought myself to be at the time) I went into overdrive on the writing and production.

I knew that majority of people can relate to the notion of a "double standard" or the typical "Scammer", so a lot of the songs were written to highlight those situations, such as where I would’ve written the songs "Give and Take" and "Too Long" in the same night. Then probably the next day  because I usually write in sprees I did "Talk Dirty", and that's back to back. 

No internet can be described in numerous ways, but I like semi autobiography as one for DolceOnDaBeat. It's really an expression and guide of what's going on present day with a lot of people and relationships, it was made for the ones out there that know what's real, especially when you're working hard and people not giving you the credit deserved or where it matters (not that you asking for it) but I’m talking your job, relationships, at home, within your career, your industry, it doesn't matter... you get the point.  


Take somethings to the chin with a smile and keep propelling forward for the next big thing. Because we understand that everything lasts for a moment and it’s up to you to decide how you capture and remember that moment.

We are all the writers and storytellers of our lives and ultimately our destinies, so for me personally I don’t write my stories to impress anyone but I write it to live my dreams to the fullest, while also doing what I love and sharing what I love and with whom I love.

Through this I hope my fans and supporters and especially the naysayers could know for sure who DolceOnDaBeat is and where he's coming from.

Stay tuned for the next journey and adventure in Dolce’s life and career.   

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