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OnDaRemix: Volume 2

OnDaRemix: Volume 2

DolceOnDaBeat Series 7:
OnDaRemix Volume 2

DolceOnDaBeat back again with Volume 2 of the OnDaRemix Series. The concept of OnDaRemix: Volume 2 started with the theme of partying, then I also wanted to incorporate that money motivation and hustle mentality in there as well to make it a good mix of topics to speak on, and with those intentions plus wanting to be played in the clubs, blasted through car stereos, speakers and everyone's devices, OnDaRemix: Volume 2 began. 

With that vision firmly placed in my mind, the mixtape was started directly after recording OnDaRemix: Volume 1 as I was on a tight schedule to drop in another 30 days for the 7th of the next month, because its series 7 and it can't be that if we miss the date.

However, I already had the right song to start off with since it was already in the stash and had some time in the spotlight years ago in 2018, which was "Taste" Remix and then right after I wrote my own true Hit, "Slide" prod by Beast Inside Beats.

The Tracklist: 
1. Husslin
2. Get Money
3. Feelings
4. Taste 
5. Wanna Thug 
6. Slide
7. Islands 


Best way to start off the tape in my opinion, because everyday I am husslin. When you're an independent person let alone artist, there has to be a decision made daily to get up and go after what you want with no questions asked.

This is song stands out because its a statement piece, but also a lifestyle choice. Everyday i'm married to the hustle, i'm married to my craft and i'm married to the idea of constantly improving to reach my fullest potential.


Stand Out Lyrics: 

"Not reaching my limits,

Don't know where they at 

Keep my percentage and Double it back" 




Track number 2 follows along from the same theme as "Husslin", once you hussle you will "Get Money" there's absolutely no doubt about it. Thing is that in order to get there one has to stay focused on the mission, change and revaluate priorities, then set a course to getting to the bag. 

Simply said, but most won't take action to do so, and if that is you... don't complain when others getting ahead and you're still in the same position. It won't be no one else's fault but your own. 

You need to TAKE ACTION to "Get Money".

Stand Out Lyrics: 

"Served as a king, Cuz I move as the boss 

Took it from the south, And Turned to the north 

They hate to see me Win, Want my die at the cross 

7 Deadly sins is the Life that you chose "



"Can't lie im so tired of the feelings... words to describe the mood I was in when i wrote this track. Let me tell you, this was a song I wrote after work... was so fed up with all the things happening around the workplace and the "politics" that were being played out, especially surrounding my different interests, that I had to say something. 


Stand Out Lyrics: 

Hit me on the line and She said she coming Over 

Said she wanna vibe, Cuz she tired of the Losers 

Pull her to the side, She been smoking on the Hooka 

Read between the lines, On the mark like a Shooter " 




Taste was written back in 2018 and it was the third song I ever wrote when I officially started to take this life seriously. Tyga had just dropped the original with Offset and I was definitely inspired then, only thing in my head I was hearing a completely different song, so that's how we got Taste Remix.  


Stand Out Lyrics: 

Fly n*gga for real, no boarding pass 
All VIP, presidential, yeah first class 



Directly influenced by Lil Wayne, this is DolceOnDaBeat interpolation of "Lollipop" with another spin to it. This one was meant to be a fun, sensual, explicit and exciting, just to maintain the same essence of the original. 


Stand Out Lyrics: 

" When stepping out, Who got a swag like mine 

They thought it was drought, But i had that shine 

Been thought it was rat, Not a got damn slime 

Had to double back pause play rewind "





One of my favorite songs by far and my biggest streamed song to date "Slide" is the standout track on the mixtape, from the vibe straight down to the beat. Slide is a HIT! I remember writing this song and during the process just getting so excited with every line written and then when the song was finished and the playback happened.. wooo no feeling could even come close. 

Anyway don't let me ramble, I leave you to be  the judge. 


Stand Out Lyrics: 

"whole song..."



Islands was an experimental track in some way and almost didn't make the tape due to how I felt on the mix (which is usually how i feel for most of my songs) but I said why not, I felt good with the verses and the hook and if it's a pass to me, I'm sure it should be good for the fans.


Stand Out Lyrics: 

"It was all talk, could never fall off

I would do it again coming at no cost 

I been doing it big, call it colossal"


From start to finish OnDaRemix: Volume 2 is quite a fun enjoyable listen and one you will have on repeat without getting tired. Banger after Banger, Bar after Bar... this is the hype of the Mixtape Series. 

The next one we will see the other side of DolceOnDaBeat and what story he has to tell for OnDaRemix: Volume 3. So stay tuned until next time #KiDGanG💫 

 We Forever #KeepinITDolce

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