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OnDaRemix: Volume 6

OnDaRemix: Volume 6

OnDaRemix: Volume 6

I don't know about you, but I'm in the mood to kick back, chill and just vibe on this one.

And what better way to get your groove on than with a new project by DolceOnDaBeat? 

DolceOnDaBeat OnDaRemix Volume 6 Artwork

His latest release, "OnDaRemix: Volume 6" is out now, from the OnDaRemix series and it features a whole bunch of remixes of some of your old school favourite songs.

This project is really great if you're looking for something mellow toned and slower-paced for some introspection.

When DolceOnDaBeat performs any songs about love and loss, he makes it feel so real that when he raps about hope in the face of despair, it feels like a ray of light breaking through the clouds. And when he sings about the need for connection with others—even in a world where we're more connected than ever before thanks to technology—it sounds realer than anything you've heard before, as it can just strike a chord inside your chest until something breaks free from inside of you and starts moving again the right way.

Therefore, if you're a fan of Dolce’s music already, this album will definitely be up your alley: it has all the same elements as their other releases—a catchy chorus and an easygoing vibe—but they're some surprises on here that'll get your heart pumping even faster than usual.


You know, those songs that are just too good to ignore? Songs that make you feel like you can do anything and be anyone? Songs that remind you of why life is worth living, even when it's not perfect?

I know you're probably thinking that it's too short for such a project full of remixes, but let me tell you: It's OnDaRemix: Volume 6 with some of Dolce's  favorite songs plus some new ones that will blow your mind! So go ahead and play it right now!

And if there ever comes a time when you don't feel like listening anymore? Just press play again!


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