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OnDaRemix: Volume 1

OnDaRemix: Volume 1

DolceOnDaBeat Series 7:
OnDaRemix Volume 1

The concept of OnDaRemix was conceptualized in May 2021, where I was between minds to release another single or try something new because what I had been doing previously wasn't bringing me the results I had initially thought would occur. With that being said I then decided to go back to what I knew best and where I started from which was doing remixes. 

My first ever recorded song was a remix. That's where the inspiration came from but I wanted to make it a challenge, the challenge being releasing a new remix each month until the end of the year. 

I wanted to challenge myself as I believe I can write and complete songs in a shorter time span than I was at the time, this is where the idea of releasing 7 songs per month came from and as interesting as it seems we only had 7 more months left in the year, that was not a coincidence, hence it became Series 7: On Da Remix.

The Tracklist: 
1. Wins
2. Muse
3. Centerfold 
4. No Apologies 
5. Feeling Myself 
6. Who It Was 
7. BeatBox (Freestyle) 


This is the first track to start off the mixtape, coincidently the first track written when starting the series. Wins is the remix to Drake Featuring Lil Baby "Wants & Needs" Originally Produced by 40 and the beat used was ReProd by:Abbey Orjay & 21 Records. 

What inspired me to write to this song was definitely the beat/instrumental and from watching a YouTube Video that was cartoon animated featuring lil baby's snippet rapping and from watching that clip, I was like "I definitely have to put my touch on this for sure"...

I got in the studio, got the beat and went for it on a freestyle. 

Stand Out Lyrics:
"Hitting my targets, You thought I was missing // They see how I started I left them defenseless"



This was inspired by Internet Money's Lemonade featuring Gunna, Don Toliver and Nav. Muse was is a song about expression, especially towards feelings of love and interest. The guitar melody of the beat is what captivated me to write on it.

In my honest opinion, the mixing could've been better but this my first true initial attempt at mixing vocals without an engineer present so it was quite interesting to hear how it turnt out. I left it on the project because it will show my growth overtime from this point.


Stand Out Lyrics:
"You’re my muse, Can’t stop loving you / That’s the truth, And you have no clue"



I find it quite interesting how this song came about, The beat is from Rod Wave's Tombstone, however compared to the other songs on the tape where I would've had some idea of the original either from hearing the beat previously or actually being a fan of the music.. this one was a bit different. 

Not saying I've never listened to Rod Wave, I'm just saying I never heard or knew about the song until I did my thing. 

I was looking for something to follow up Muse with but on a different tone, speaking on where I'm going, aspirations and how the naysayers always want to speak on my progress. 

The beat was such a great compliment to the track as well ReProduced by YBH and the original Producers Eighty8, Jai, Saucii. 

Still one of my favorite listens today when I was just want to think and reflect. 

Stand Out Lyrics:
"They looking for that drop, they will never know / They told me I would flop, it will never show"


No Apologies

This has to be one of the more energetic tracks off the tape thus far, with white punchlines, going bar for bar. No Apologies is the one you will have in your speakers and on repeat all day long like an anthem. 

Inspired one morning on my way to work, I heard Moneybagg Yo come on and I was like "This Beat Right Here!" is the one... shoutout to the producers YC and Christopher Pearson, they did up their thing. 

The track is quite flamboyant and braggadocios to say the least, but it packs a punch when it comes to entertainment and sheer excitement. 

Stand Out Lyrics:
"I’m paid by the hour so no I don’t work for free"

Feeling Myself 

One of my all time favorite songs, Feeling Myself is a staple of what DolceOnDaBeat brings to the table in terms of writing, punchlines and flows. 

This song was inspired by "Will" from Joyner Lucas featuring Will Smith, produced by Crank Lucas and ReProd: Trappster Beats. 

I been had this song in my Audiomack playlist for a while and been saying, if I had the opportunity too, I would love to rap on this song, and the best chance at opportunity came with Series 7.

After starting the project, this instantly came to mind as a great addition and I instantly got to work, way quicker than a fly to food, and I truly believe from that, a masterpiece has been created. 


Stand Out Lyrics:

" I'm feeling myself , They told me I couldn't 
I showed you I will 

I'm building my wealth, Came from the bottom,
still taking the steps 

They thought I would I fail, I made it from it nothing,
I'm keeping it real

I still prevail, Getting my profits
and Making my sales "


 Who It Was 

 I remember writing this one vividly, no doubt... I was at my previous job and I was not having it in regards to the demands, requests and the double standards. So when I got to the studio, It didn't matter what beat was there, because at that point I couldn't care what I rapped on, I HAD SOMETHING TO SAY, if you get me.

So "Back In Blood" by Pooh Shiesty featuring Lil Durk  just happened to be the beat perfect to express what I was saying. Shoutout to Prod RKSkate + YC. 

The second part came because I had an idea previously to do a transition record between beats. So I figured, since I did the beat to Shiesty's Back In Blood, I could use Lil Durk's "Should've Ducked" featuring Pooh Shiesty to complement the second half. 

In my opinion it was a great call and this is still one of my favourite songs to date. 

Stand Out Lyrics: 
"If you Robbin then I’m Batman, 
Might hit you with the slug 

Building blocks like it’s textrix, 
You know what it does"


BeatBox (Freestyle) 

One of the more standout out tracks on the Mixtape, and the best way to end it off with a statement. This was another song that was written out of frustration and annoyance (towards something I seen on social media), so the best way I know to vent is through the mic, nothing else. 

Plus too, during that period of time everyone and their cousin was dropping remixes and freestyles, so like why not?

That's how the song came about from that point, I went in, no pen or paper and just ripped the beat. This one song has so many flows, tones, patterns and is full of energy to really get you rocking. 

However, Don't take my word for it though, listen yourself and you tell me what's up. 


That's all our time until another session. Where can discuss OnDaRemix: Volume 2.

We forever #KeepinITDolce  

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