New York Nights - Intro

New York Nights - Intro

DolceOnDaBeat - Intro 


Never watched the clock
Just kept the count (count)
Started with a quarter
N*gga flipped it to an ounce
City is a jungle, cats just wanna pounce
Way too focused got the glock on me now (blow!)
N*gga I just set the tone

Can’t trace my steps, got two different phones
Bitches still follow all from my cologne (shh)
Imma up the step just like a semi tone (up)
Lemme buss the gun n*gga if you think it’s funny
Blow your brains out right from your fucking tummy
So think again when you wanna speak on me

Be a fucking man n*gga don’t call mommy
Can’t call daddy, you might see granny
Get a family reunion if you understand me
N*gga I’m the pilot while you crash landing
Money in my pocket, strategic planning ‘member back in the days
N*gga I was dead, sold all my shit

N*gga kept it in my head
Dreams to sell more than a million
N*gga fuck the feds, I’mma do this thing
Yea fuck your leg
Imma do this thing for the street code
Imma keep it down yea real low
Imma run the money up bank roll
Imma do this shit for my people