DolceOnDaBeat Party Pack: Mixtape Playlist Essentials

DolceOnDaBeat Party Pack: Mixtape Playlist Essentials

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Party Pack is a mixtape by Barbadian rapper and singer DolceOnDaBeat. The mixtape is a compilation of songs that were released on AudioMack and YouTube or streaming services, as well as new songs, and is considered a "warm-up" to Dolce's second studio album No Internet(2022).

This mixtape was packaged together on January 1, 2022, by KeepinITDolce Entertainment. Production for the mixtape is mainly remixes of popular songs, some of which are Dolce's favorite musical influences such as the like of  Future, Young Thug, Chris Brown, Lil Baby, Money Man and more.

Party Pack  serves as a catalyst for the fans new and old coming into the orbit of the world of DolceOnDaBeat. This playlist sees Dolce moving away from his usual method of releasing and mixing to a more experimental approach. The production  taking influence from lo-fidrill, trap, rap, R&B and soul, the mixtape is noted for   ambient sounds through use of unpolished mixes to the usual "industry standard", however the themes throughout the mixtape include failed relationships, complicated relationships with friends, inspiration and motivation surrounding Dolce's prominence in the music industry.

The mixtape was supported by multiple singles and video releases throughout 2021 to gain more exposure and attention.